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Horizon Drop
Yorgos Sapountzis
22.01.2009 – 26.02.2009, Opening 22.01.2009 at 7 pm

“The idea stems from losing your body balance in the city.

That precise moment you try to find a point to reorientate yourself


This point becomes a start. It is stored in the back of your brain.

Several times you recall and recall this point and the more you do

that this point becomes an object.

An object that inside contains the repetitive pattern of your need

but also contains “information”.

Information that at first you never liked because it made you feel

sick. ..

that's when you create another object in order to leave pure your

creation (that you now also start to like) and then you push back the

embarrassing starting point, and at the same time you try to get

revenge for all the information that you had to consume until now.

This action makes you feel unbalanced again.. only this time it's not

that there is the safe point but only your aesthetic repetition – a

copy – of your need.

Does that help?

Yes, but only if you don't look anymore at the meeting point between

the sky and all of us.

How could you not?

Yes, you look!!

then you see that the horizon drops a little bit to the left.

But now you like your pointpointpoint and you like your infokiller

and you like the generator that creates myths for the both of them.

But the horizon drop?

This triangle – a small system of recalls and reliefs – will fail. ...”  

(Yorgos Sapountzis)

Yorgos Sapountzis wurde 1976 in Athen geboren. Er hat an der Athens School of Fine Arts und an der UdK Berlin studiert und lebt zur Zeit in Berlin. Zuletzt waren seine Arbeiten auf der Art Basel Statements 2008, der Athen Bienniale 2007 sowie in weiteren Gruppenausstellungen, unter anderem in „Soziale Diagramme. Planning reconsidered“ im Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2008), „In Present Tense“ im National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athen und „UP TO, AND INCLUDING THE LIMITS“ im Argos Centre for Art & Media, Brüssel (beide 2007) zu sehen. Yorgos Sapountzis wird vertreten von Loraini Alimantiri / Gazonrouge, Athen und der Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin.

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