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An invitation, a score and plans to re-make ‚Slow Motion‘
Zayne Armstrong
04.12.2009 – 23.01.2010, Opening 04.12.2009 at 7 pm
Preparation phase:
30.11.2009 – 04.12.2009

Hermes und der Pfau freut sich, die Ausstellung An invitation, a score and plans to re-make ‚Slow Motion‘ des in London lebenden amerikanischen Künstlers Zayne Armstrong (*1986) ankündigen zu können.

Der Künstler wird für eine Woche (30. Nov – 4. Dez) in den Räumen von Hermes und der Pfau arbeiten, um in Kooperation mit Studenten und Lehrenden der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart und der Merz Akademie Stuttgart seine Ausstellung vorzubereiten.

This is an open invitation for those who regularly attend [1] the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart and Merz Akademie Stuttgart, to temporarily (re)locate [2] their practices / studies [3], to the project space Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart, for a period of 5 days, from 30 November to 4 December 2009, to coincide with the preparations for my upcoming exhibition there: An invitation, a score and plans to re-make ‘Slow Motion’ [4] which will open at 7 pm 4 December 2009 and close 15 January 2010.

For the duration of this (re)location period I would like to encourage collaborative employment of the space, and I plan to:
a) present a series of filmic documentary narratives ,[5] (for which the space will be open to the public), and
b) to simultaneously produce a new video [6] for the exhibition.

If you are interested in this invitation, if you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Hermes und der Pfau or myself with the details below. I am eager and excited to start speaking about this project with those who are interested.

          – Zayne Armstrong, 30 October 2009

Hermes und der Pfau
Dorten Haus, Christophstr. 5a
D – 70178 Stuttgart

Anne-Sofie Ruckhaberle – anne//at//hermesundderpfau.de
Philipp Ziegler – philipp//at//hermesundderpfau.de
Zayne Armstrong – zayne//at//zaynearmstrong.com

[1] That is students, professors, etc..
[2] I am saying ‘(re)locate,’ rather than ‘locate’ or ‘relocate,’ as I would like to structure my time at Hermes und der Pfau as being exactly the location of my (entire) practice for this period, and to do so inconsideration of what it means to change locations.
[3] I am open to a variety of interpretations of what a relocated practice or relocated studies might be (i.e. meetings, tutorials, lectures, research, etc.), and what that relocation entails. I am certainly willing to help facilitate these relocations.
[4] The ‘score’—as in a text which has been written in view of it functioning as a series of directives for realization or performance—that I am referring to in the title of the show is a score which I plan to write between now and the opening of the exhibition. This ‘score’ will be presented in the gallery as a part of the exhibition.
[5] With this selection of filmic ‘documentary narratives’ I would like to employ an elastic analytical approach in considering the various aspects of locating a narrative, its mediation and presentation in terms of ‘documentary’ or ‘documentation.’ I am particularly interested in cinematic narratives which are named after an individual or an isolated event, while the production of the film, for example, takes many years and involves the efforts of many people; I am interested in how an ‘individual’ is presented as such, and what the possibilities are for this ‘individual’ to act on behalf of a plurality of interests.
[6] Anne and Philipp at Hermes und der Pfau have invited me to Stuttgart to have an exhibition at the space, and for this exhibition I will be producing a new video, for which I will borrow (only) the camera movements and filming technique from of the film ‘Slow Motion’ (dir. Godard, 1980). All of the filming will take place in the gallery space, and I may construct some set pieces or props to aid setting up various shots.

Ankündigung als PDF
Filmprogramm als PDF

Zayne Armstrong ist 1986 in Upland, California / USA in geboren. Er studierte an der Parsons School Of Design, New York und am Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London und lebt un arbeitet in London.

Vorausgegangene Ausstellungen umfassen ‚After Hours‘, The Wallace Gallery & Paradise Row, London, ‚Bold Tendencies III‘, Lucky PDF, London (beide 2009), ‚Zayne Armstrong & Olaf Habelmann‘, Next Visit Berlin, Berlin, ‚About‘, Auto-Italia South East, London (beide 2008).

Als Teil des Kollaborativs S/Z (zusammen mit Sarah Elliott) hat der Künstler unlängst Arbeiten bei ‚No Soul For Sale‘, X-Initiative, New York und bei Auto Italia South East, London (beide 2009) präsentiert. Seit 2007 betreibt Zayne Armstrong den Projektraum KEN in London.


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